Me Luna® the menstrual cup "made in Germany"


Menstrual cup - what a funny word!

Just say  MeLuna-Schrift_AM   :-)

In the 30s of the 20th Century this method of sanitary protection was invented. The American woman Leona Chalmers has submitted the patent.

The principle is quite simple: take a small, flexible, soft cup. It is inserted into the vagina. There, now collects the menstrual fluid. After a few hours you remove the cup and empty it. Clean and replace it ...

We think this is a really sensational, environmentally friendly, practical and inexpensive idea!

For several years, more and more women find this form of sanitary protection.




WhatMeLuna-Schrift_AM do I need?


Because every woman is different...

  • it´s available in 4 different sizes,
  • in 2 different lengths,
  • in 3 different degrees of firmness
  • with 3 various handle options

Help with Me Luna Sizing and Styles



How to use MeLuna-Schrift_AM cups?


Easy to learn and easy to use

  • Clean your hands.
  • Fold the cleaned Me Luna®
  • Insert the folded Me Luna® cup into your vagina.
  • Remove it every 8 hours, clean it and insert your Me Luna® cup again.

Learn more about Application of Menstrual cups



Are MeLuna-Schrift_AM menstrual cups safe?


Learn more about the production

  • What material is the Me Luna® made from?
  • Where does the material come from?
  • Does it contain dangerous substances?
  • Is it suitable for people with allergies?

Here you will find information about the material



How to disinfect MeLuna-Schrift_AM cups?


Useful tips and hints for disinfection

  • Simply pour boiling water
  • Practical tips for traveling
  • Chemical cleaning agents
  • Helpful home remedies


Here you will find information about cleaning and maintaining






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