Me Luna® Cloth Pads S

Product no.: M-1077

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Beautiful washable cloth pads in Me Luna® Design.

4 pads at a budget price.



90% cotton, 10% polyester. The cloth bandage contains a thin wet barrier as leakage protection.


Care instructions:

After use, it is recommended to rinse the pads thoroughly with COLD water first. By washing in cold water, you can prevent blood stains.

Wash your cloth pads either by hand or in the washing machine (delicate wash, wool wash) up to 40 ° C.

  • If you put your pads in the tumble dryer: please only in low gear for a short time! The pads may become slightly smaller in the dryer.
  • Ironing level 1
  • Please do not use bleach.

If you treat your cloth pads with care, they will stay beautiful for a long time.



Instructions for use:

Snap the pad around your underwear. The black side of the pad goes against your skin, and the wings wrap around the crotch of the underwear to snap together.



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