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Egg-timer in color blackberry.

Height 7 cm
Diameter about 6 cm



1. Hold the timer sideways, with the narrow (top) part of the egg to the right. Make sure you can see the arrow on the wide (bottom) part.

2. Twist the narrow part away from you, all the way past 55. (This winds up the spring.)

3. Twist the narrow part toward you until the time you want is next to the arrow.

3 min of boiling water disinfection

Some customers had very bad luck in the boiling off  their Me Luna® menstrual cup. If you want to disinfect the Me Luna® on the stove with boiling water, let the pot never be unattended. It may possibly fast boil dry. The Me Luna® menstrual cup lies on the bottom of the pot and melts. We advise you therefore essential to use a kitchen timer if you can not stay next to the stove!
For a thorough disinfection, a cooking time of 2-3 minutes is absolutely enough.

15 minutes disinfection with Milton tablets

If you disinfect your Me Luna® menstrual cup with the Milton tablets, we recommend that the required disinfection time of 15 minutes to be strictly observed. A shorter cleaning time may not be sufficient. If the time is exceeded, it can cause discoloration.


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