Seat cushion for pelvic floor training

Product no.: T-3003

Active sitting for strengthening your muscles - without actively exercising

Dynamic sitting and pelvic training effortlessly during your daily routine. Sitting on an air-filled balance cushion encourages active dynamic sitting. The cushion is placed directly onto the chair,  this provides a less stable sitting surface, which means that the body has to make continuous small movements to correct balance. For a strong back, more balance and for strengthening the pelvic floor. Routinely executed pelvic floor training provides strengthening and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles and therefore serves as prevention and treatment of pelvic floor weakness.

„Dynamic sitting" can help prevent back problems and is recommended for the prevention of herniated discs.
The nubby side of the seat cushion provides a better air circulation when sitting and has a massage effect.

Exercise suggestions

Shift your weight while sitting, press your buttocks alternately to the right and the left side, forward and backward. Or move your pelvis in a circular motion.
The cushion is also perfect for other exercises which are recommended for strengthening the lower back, your abdominal muscles or for balance training.
You can also place the cushion on the floor for different balance exercises.



1 cushion including pump
Weight 1000 g
Ø 33 cm              

Here you can see how you can use the included pump if necessary. Please dose the air with caution.