Whiz Freedom Urine Director

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The world's first antibacterial, hydrophobic and environment friendly Urine Director for Ladies.

Whiz Freedom allows women to relieve their bladder anytime and anywhere (in- and outside), no matter if they're standing up, sitting down, squatting or lying down, without restrictions.

With Whiz Freedom, non-existent (!) or soiled (public) toilets will be a problem of the past.

Whiz Freedom is the perfect companion for every Lady spending much time outside their home.
This brilliant, elaborate tool helps Ladies any age to relieve themselves anywhere a man can - standing up or sitting down. Just push the Whiz against your body, nature and gravity will do the rest.

Whiz Freedom is

  • small
  • hygienic
  • comfortable
  • reusable
  • antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungial
  • hydrophobic
  • discrete

The special thing about Whiz Freedom is

  • its anatomically unique lily-like form.
  • that women will not have to undress in order to urinate.
  • that there is no backflow, spilling or overflow.
  • its discrete, comfortable and simple use.
  • its hygienic, antibacterial, latex-free, clinically approved material.
  • that it's small and compact, can be folded, coiled up or compressed and thus will fit in any bag to follow you anywhere.
  • that it can be cleaned in the washing machine or dish washer, if temperatures will not exceed 60°ree; Celsius.
  • that it has been used for many years by hundred thousands of satisfied Ladies world wide.

Technical Specifications:

The Whiz material (latex-free thermoplastic elastomere - TPE) is a high-quality, clinically approved, anti-bacterial and hydrophobic substance.


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