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If you can feel your cup, try this!
von am 15.05.2020
I first tried the Meluna classic in size S and despite changing its position and even removing the grip, it felt as if it was poking its way out of 'there.'

I then tried the classic Shorty S. I could no longer feel the cup, however it did leak causing me to loose faith and return to tampons.

Eventually I decided to give cups another go and ordered a soft Shorty S with no grip.

No more leaks and I could go about my day, whilst forgetting I was even on my period.

I have been using a soft Shorty S cup for years now and it is has become my preferred period product.

I am removing 1 star due to the patterns/joins of the cup. I find they compromise its durability causing the cup to get small cracks well before its use by date. This in turn compromises the cup's hygiene. For this reasons a Meluna cup may need to be renewed before those of another provider. In saying that Meluna caters to everyone's needs with their large size range.

I have not found another menstrual cup more suited to my individual needs than Meluna's soft Shorty S.

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