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perfect for low cervix!
von am 26.08.2020
i have a very low cervix very happy to finally find a cup that sits comfortably without sticking out. it's softer than expected which made it a little difficult to get it to open but after a few tries it worked!
Fantastic! Highly recommended!
von am 08.11.2018
I use Me Luna size: SHORTY M, ball stem, soft How old?: 45 to 50 years old Number of vaginal births: none My Body Type: 1.74m, slim My fitness level: Normal How would you describe your flow?: light I first bought a £2 menstrual cup on Ebay, to get an understanding for which size I would need and what I would need to pay attention to when buying my proper menstrual cup. I am glad I did a cheap test run, because the Ebay one was too long, too large and too hard. MeLuna had by far the biggest choice of sizes and tensions, so it was easy for me to find the perfect one. I also wanted to make sure my cup would not contain cancerogenous benzophenon and MeLuna is rated the equivalent of "excellent" by OekoTest, a highly regarded German organisation that tests products for potentially harmful ingredients. My cup was comfortable right from the start. It was very easy to use. This is so much better than tampons and pads, which regularly lead to dryness and/or thrush for me (TMI, sorry). I wished I had tried this 15 years ago!

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