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I give it five stars.
von am 20.07.2020
I was looking for a non-silicone product, when I found Me Luna. I was also very happy about the great range of sizes. As I am a mother of three, including twins, I was not sure about the sizing. I did not want it too big and make me uncomfortable, also not too small and maybe slip out.... Following the advice of the page advisers, I bought size M. Shorty, beacuse I feared the "sits so low I can feel it" feeling (my cervix moves a lot up 'n down) and the volume of my flow isn't much. It fits PERFECTLY and I love it, every month.
Considering softness, I choose Sport, because I train crossfit and it felt more secure. It is, and it also opens easily and I cannot feel it inside. I also bought a normal softness cup, but use it less often, only because it opens slowly. I never had any spotting with either of them.
Swimming is no problem any more, no matter the time of month. Also, in the heat of the summer I am comfortable. :)
Thanks for that. :)

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