For every period of your life

Me Luna® helps you enhance body awareness.

Menstrual cups are suitable for every age and every phase of a woman's life.

You can use this type of monthly hygiene from first menstruation up to the menopause.


Me Luna® seems very complicated to handle, will I be able to do it?

Yes, of course. Only patience and training are required. After one or two menstrual cycles you will have mastered the handling of Me Luna®.


I have a latex allergy. Can I use Me Luna®?

Yes, you can. Me Luna® is not made from latex.


I am currently using a copper IUD or a hormonal IUS for contraception. Can I use a Me Luna®?

In principle, yes. If the string has not been cut short, be careful whenever you use Me Luna® to prevent from removing the IUD from your uterus. The string must not be stuck between the Me Luna® and your vaginal wall. It should remain inside the Me Luna® cup. If you want to use Me Luna® and an IUD, shortening of the string is recommended.


I am a virgin. Can I use Me Luna®?

Yes, you can. But please keep in mind that your hymen will probably tear.



How about sports, swimming, traveling, sauna ...? Yes! With a Me Luna® menstrual cup all activities are still possible.






What material is used for the Me Luna® menstrual cups? Is the material safe? Read all about our quality standards.