For every period of your life


Menstrual cups are suitable for every age and every phase of life.

You can use this type of monthly hygiene from first menstruation up to the menopause.


Me Luna® helps you enhance body awareness.


Me Luna® seems very complicated to handle, will I be able to do it?

Yes, of course. Only patience and training are required. After one or two menstrual cycles you will have mastered the handling of Me Luna®.


I have a latex allergy. Can I use Me Luna®?

Yes, you can. Me Luna® is not made from latex.


I am currently using a copper IUD or a hormonal IUS for contraception. Can I use a Me Luna®?

In principle, yes. If the string has not been cut short, be careful whenever you use Me Luna® to prevent from removing the IUD from your uterus. The string must not be stuck between the Me Luna® and your vaginal wall. It should remain inside the Me Luna® cup. If you want to use Me Luna® and an IUD, shortening of the string is recommended.


I am a virgin. Can I use Me Luna®?

Yes, you can. But please keep in mind that your hymen will probably tear.