Me Luna® -  the cup that makes the difference.


Where good ideas become sustainable products.

Since 2009 we are developing menstrual cups considering the different needs of our customers worldwide. Therefore Me Luna® cups are available in eight sizes, with four handle options, in various degrees of softness and in great colors. And this is one reason why Me Luna® cups are so popular.


Four long and four short sizes

Me Luna® cups are available in sizes S, M, L and XL "normal" oblong-shaped. The elongated cup shape offers you a particularly large capacity in relation to the diameter of the Me Luna® Cup. Unless you have limitations, such as a uterine prolapse, or a particularly deep-seated cervix, in most cases you will be able to choose one of this longer menstrual cups.

In addition, we also offer menstrual cups in a shortened version. This product line is called Me Luna® SHORTY because it is short :) SHORTY S, SHORTY M, SHORTY L and SHORTY XL.


The degrees of softness of Me Luna® cups

Me Luna® cups are available in three different types of firmness.


For easier application there is a grip on it

Even with the handle options we offer some choices.
The small ball, the practical ring, the safe stem, or without a handle - Basic.