Tips for your first attempt


At first you will need to have a little patience.

Take all the time you need to get familiar with the Me Luna® Cup.

  • Try out different folding techniques.
  • If you have difficulty using the cup at first, try it in a different position.
  • Lying, sitting, standing, squatting, one leg raised: Any position is fine and experimenting with this can make it easier for you at the start.


Discover your body

In most cases, Handling is not correct when Me Luna® can introduce difficult or leaks. Also keep in mind that most women need up to three cycles to apply a menstrual cup correctly.





Try out!

You can insert the menstrual cup while sitting on the toilet, in a standing position or while crouching – or in any position that is most comfortable for you. There is no prescribed rule. Try it out! Find your own way.



Avoid time pressure

Insertion and removal will be better if you allow enough time at the beginning and relax. Do not be discouraged if it does not work!




Find the right position

Put it in as far as you can, push the tip to the side and back, squeeze with your muscles to get the cup placed. Make sure your cervix is placed inside the cup. Sometimes the cervix is pointed to the side or to the back. In this case it is harder to place the Me Luna®, it will need some trys to find out how to put it right. Sometimes a slight angle is the trick.


The grip can be felt

If you prefer to place the cup closer to the vaginal entrance, then you may feel the grip. Just put the Me Luna® inside out, so that the handle is inside.


HELP, the Me Luna® will not come out!

You've inserted the Cup but now it won't come out? If you are unable to remove the cup straight away, this can naturally be worrying. We assure you that you will be able to take it out. Every woman has managed it thus far. Relax and experiment in different positions with your pelvic floor muscles. We often do not consciously feel the muscles in this area, which is why they can be so difficult to use. Push with your muscles like you would during a bowel movement so that the cup moves downwards.  If you are really worried, try taking a relaxing bath and removing the cup while in the water.


You can insert and remove the cup fine, but it isn't catching everything?meluna-b

This can happen at first. Use sanitary towels (alternatively, cloth sanitary towels) as a back-up. After two or three cycles, the cup should work more reliably. Your muscles adapt to the cup. If it does not improve, please try a different insertion angle and wear it in a different position.


Always keep calm

If you are in the first experiments with a menstrual cup of any difficulties, please stay calm above all. Please remember that the application needs a certain amount of practice. Even if you've been using tampons, it acquired the routine is not a menstrual cup one-to-one transferable.