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Me Luna® Advice


Experience & competence

Where expertise comes from experience and sharing.
In collaboration with our customers we develop a basis for advice. Our experiences are evaluated and made available to you. Our advisory team provides competent support in the selection and in all questions about the use.

Size, softness, grip - which one is for me?

Here you will find important information that will help you to find the right Me Luna® menstrual cup.


Me Luna® Softness

Why Classic is still too soft for some women and why Sport can be ideal not only for sporty women.


How To Use Me Luna® menstrual cups

Here you will find general instructions for use of Me Luna® menstrual cups and some tips to solve initial application problems. See also the most common folding techniques.


Me Luna® cleaning

Read practical advice for cleaning menstrual cups and information regarding special cleaning problems. How to prevent discoloration or odor?