MOMIJI natural - washable pads

MOMIJI natural - washable pads

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Yes, you read that correctly! You may think, it´s old-fashioned. We think, it is a good way.

What advantages may washable pads have for you?

  • It makes your blood flow naturally as it should be.
  • It causes no health problems.
  • It’s body & environment friendly.
  • It’s cute, soft and comfortable.
  • By washing at every period, it will fit your body more & more like your favorite clothes.

MOMIJI washable pads are reusable, sustainable, fairly produced - that is ECO, but certainly not the least bit boring. Great colors and patterns in many sizes.

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MOMIJI natural M (1 piece)

Product no.: M-1072

7.95 € *

MOMIJI natural L (1 piece)

Product no.: M-1073

8.95 € *

MOMIJI Pantyliners *normal*

Product no.: M-1075

13.10 € *

MOMIJI Pantyliners *Tanga*

Product no.: M-1076

13.10 € *

MOMIJI natural transport pouch

Product no.: M-1070

9.90 € *
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