Me Luna® Classic Starter-Set

Product no.: A-4001

The product can be ordered here:

2 sizes - 1 price - perfect to start with!

Our offer consists of:
1 Me Luna® menstrual cup in the softness "Classic", clear
1 Me Luna® menstrual cup in the softness "Classic", purple
1 micro fiber pouch for storage
Choose your Me Luna® cups in two sizes. Available with ball, ring or stem.

What size fits me? This question is not easy to answer, before buying. Because every woman is different, it is unfortunately very difficult to develop guidance for purchasing of a menstrual cup.
Since 2011 we offer our starter sets and for you the opportunity to buy 2 Me Luna® cups at a discounted price.

PLEASE NOTE: The reduced price is only valid for the available variations. Other combinations are not available for this offer price!