Me Luna® Combi-Pack "Virgin"

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The combination of Me Luna® Classic S and Me Luna® Classic SHORTY S for a budget price.

The set for young, small and graceful women with good pelvic floor muscles.

The set includes:
1 Me Luna® menstrual cup CLASSIC size S in color green.
1 Me Luna® menstrual cup CLASSIC size SHORTY S in color purple.
1 Me Luna® microfiber pouch for storage


This offer is for very young women and girls who are built petite and have never had sexual intercourse.

Sometimes it is not possible to estimate whether the normal size S can be used from the beginning. With this combination package you are prepared for the first few applications.
Once in the future, the SHORTY S will definitely be too small for you and the Me Luna® S can also be used later.


Description of Me Luna® S

Dimensions: greatest diameter 38mm, length 45mm without grip.
Volume: 23ml to the brim, 15ml to the holes.

Me Luna® size S is one of the smallest menstrual cups worldwide. Slim, petite physique, no vaginal births, light menstrual flow, very good pelvic floor muscles - under these conditions could be suitable the Me Luna® size S.
Very slender built women who have never had sexual intercourse, and women who had a uterine prolapse could use the Me Luna® size S.


Description of Me Luna® SHORTY S

Dimensions: greatest diameter 38mm, length 35mm without grip.
Volume: 15ml to the brim, 8ml to the holes.

Me Luna® size SHORTY S can truly be described as the world's smallest cup.

Me Luna® SHORTY S is especially suitable for very young women who have not used a tampon or tampon exclusively in the smallest available sizes.

The Me Luna® SHORTY S is mostly used by very young women, who have had no vaginal births. Women with a very light menstrual flow, with a small and slim physique may try this size. Me Luna® SHORTY S can also be used by young girls who are still a virgin. The diameter is the same to our size S, but the cup is shorter.


PLEASE NOTE: The reduced price is only valid for the available variations. Other combinations are not available for this offer price!


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