EMIGI Pelvic floor trainer Level 01 and 02

Product no.: T-3004

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The high-quality EMIGI pelvic floor trainer are made of biocompatible elastomer in Germany. They are easy to insert because they have a smooth surface and are very quiet in the application. The training can be discreetly integrated into everyday life, as the EMIGI is not visible to the outside.

  • Made in Germany
  • Non-toxic, skin-friendly soft elastomer.
  • Easy to insert & quiet during use.
  • Invisibly and secretly  to use during the day
  • Recommended training 2 x 20 min. per day.



Introduce the EMIGI in a relaxed manner. To facilitate this, a water based lubricant may be used. Tensing the pelvic floor muscles prevents the EMIGI from "falling out". A training of 2x20 minutes per day is recommended.

The choice of the EMIGI level depends on your physical condition. If you have a weak or barely trained pelvic floor, it is recommended to start at level 01. After some time, you can switch to heavier EMIGIs. The higher the level, the heavier the EMIGI and the darker its color.

EMIGI Level 01 and Level 02 are suitable for training in weak and normal pelvic floor muscles (especially after pregnancy or menopause).

  • Level 01 has a weight of 42 grams
  • Level 02 has a weight of 58 grams


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