Sports, swimming, traveling?


Menstrual cups are so handy!

At work, at sports, on the road or traveling -
Me Luna® can be used anywhere.

Enjoy your new independence: No need to take disposable menstrual products with you. Your Me Luna® cup will be all you need for every period!

The menstrual cup has a large capacity and you can wear it longer than pads or tampons.



A menstrual cup is ideally suited for outdoor sports such as trekking or climbing. But it can also be worn while:

  • horseback riding,
  • doing martial arts,
  • skiing,
  • cycling,
  • running,
  • and other fast-paced sports.

The Me Luna® material flexibly adapts to your vagina so that there are no problems or impairments. Doing inverted postures or being upside down on rides at the local fair will not cause the cup to spill.



Of course you can also go swimming or in the sauna with the Me Luna®. However, you should already have had some experience using it and feel confident with it.
Our recommendation is to simply test it beforehand in the bathtub.



As long as you have your Me Luna® with you, you can travel anywhere and do anything you want!

A menstrual cup is also very well-suited to travel. Because it can stay in the vagina for several hours, you do not have to think about it, even on long plane trips. You do not need to bring sanitary products with you on your trip and can just relax and enjoy your vacation.