Quality and Safety


The Me Luna® is our own brand and we leave nothing to chance.

The production of Me Luna® menstrual cups take place in our house and are subject to our exacting quality assurance requirements. We are producing here in Germany. All processes take place under own management and under one roof.

After packaging, we ship the Me Luna® cups directly to our partners and our customers worldwide.


What is Me Luna® made of?

The Me Luna® consists of medical compliant thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). For the high-quality Me Luna® menstrual cups, we have selected a phthalate-, PVC-, silicone- and latex-free material, which has been approved especially for use in medical products and devices.

  • Me Luna® menstrual cups are 100% made in Germany.
  • Me Luna® has been registered with the US Food and Drug Administration since 2014. The distribution license within the USA as a Class II medical device has been granted.
  • Me Luna® Menstrual Cups do not contain: bleach, fragrances, proteins, PVC, BPA, latex, silicone or alkylphenols.








What about dangerous plasticisers?

We are often asked if Me Luna® contains any dangerous plasticizers. Understandable, because for many of you the material of the Me Luna® menstrual cups (THERMOPLASIC ELASTOMER), is a completely unknown material. However, TPE generally does NOT contain any of the plasticizers (phthalates) classified as hazardous.
Now there is even a manufacturer who coats the lids of screw jars on the inside with the non-toxic TPE. This necessary coating serves to seal the screw caps of food preserves. The sealant sometimes consists of other, phthalate-containing plastics.







Is Me Luna® vegan?

At Me Luna we have deer, moles and frogs on our doorstep. If necessary, we also take care of an injured bird child in the spring. We live very close to nature and you can be sure that we respect and protect the life of the animals. We are often asked if the Me Luna® also contains animal raw materials. Of course all Me Luna® Menstrual Cups are Vegan. Neither the raw material nor the color additives contain animal ingredients. Our material suppliers assure that it they don´t use animal-based raw material.