Where nothing is left to chance.

The production of Me Luna® menstrual cups take place in our house and are subject to our exacting quality assurance requirements.

We are producing here in Germany.

All processes take place under own management and under one roof. After packaging, we ship the Me Luna® cups directly to our partners and our customers worldwide.


Me Luna® stands for commitment

Our desire is and has always been to make sure that more people learn that our menstrual cups are a viable alternative to disposable products. We therefore support many workshops and projects about alternative monthly hygiene. We work with numerous educational institutions and also provide educational material for health and sex education courses.

Me Luna® supports numerous social projects for women all over the world.

Me Luna® offers sustainable monthly protection for a greener future. We generate most of our own electricity. Our production process is resource-effective and energy-saving – and thus as environmentally-friendly as possible.


Me Luna® stands for development

We continue to improve our menstrual cups and currently sell 8 sizes, 3 firmness levels, and different colours and handle styles, i.e. a total of 260 different versions, to our customers. Our customers' needs have always been at the heart of all of our decisions, and that is why we have developed such an enormous variety of Me Luna® models in recent years.


Me Luna® stands for social justice

Companies that manufacture and sell menstrual cups must inevitably deal with some important issues. Income disparity is unfortunately one of those hot topics, with women still earning significantly less than men. Studies have shown that women often only receive half of the hourly rate of their male counterparts in salary negotiations, and many women around the world are completely financially dependent on their parents or husbands. We believe that such a great product as our menstrual cup should not just be used by a few women with high incomes. That is why we have made it our goal from the very beginning to keep our prices as low as possible. Menstrual cups mean freedom and independence on critical days – and we think it is good if many women around the world can also afford them!

Another aspect is that we would like to conduct our business from a socially sustainable perspective. We reject every form of economic exploitation.

  • That is why we manufacture Me Luna® in Germany. Each step, from manufacturing the Me Luna® cups to packaging and delivery to our customers, takes place at our production site in Haundorf.
  • We work with local employees and not with temporary workers from low-wage countries. All of our Me Luna® employees are paid a fair wage.
  • We try to offer flexible work hour models to our employees whenever possible. This enables them to balance their work hours with their current life situation. With different part-time models, our employees can design their work hours to be there for their families and children.


Me Luna® stands for quality and safety

Menstrual cups are considered to be hygiene products in the EU and in many countries are even considered to be medical devices. A menstrual cup is worn over several hours in the body with direct contact to the mucous membranes. Of course we absolutely cannot take any risks when it comes to which materials we use.

  • We only use materials that are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest medical standards.
  • Our Me Luna® menstrual cups do not contain any harmful plasticisers (phthalates). Me Luna® also does not contain any proteins, PVC, latex, silicone or alkylphenols, bleaching agents, deodorants or absorbent gels.
  • Our Me Luna® menstrual cups were certified as a medical device and cleared for sale in the United States by the FDA, the strictest health authority in the world, in 2014. The Japanese health authority gave it the official green light for import in 2017.
  • Me Luna® cups in every colour are regularly tested by independent laboratories, and they confirm that all of the Me Luna® cups do not contain hazardous substances or volatile matter.
  • In its 04/2020 issue, ÖKO-TEST magazine examined a range of menstrual cups and tampons. In the tests commissioned by consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST, the Me Luna® menstrual cup in size M, CLASSIC Red with Ball achieved the overall rating “very good”.