Me Luna Story

Me Luna Story









The idea for the Me Luna® menstrual cup originated in 2009.




Menstrual cups were still relatively unknown in Germany. The offer was limited to a small size range of colorless cups, which were available at expensive prices online. Some women started talking in a medical forum and found there would be a lot of interest if a menstrual cup were available for purchase in Germany. The focus was on the desire for a menstrual cup,

  • which should be available in several, especially smaller sizes,
  • in many colors, with different handles
  • and should be reasonably priced.

Within this group of women creative ideas were introduced, dozens of suggested names were made, and finally the name Me Luna® was determined in a vote.



Among the many women who attended, there were also some who did not just vote on naming, openly sharing their own menstrual cup experiences, expressing their wishes, and discussing the topic with ease. Out of the group, contacts were made immediately with women, who participated with a lot of commitment and joy in the practical implementation of the project. One brought her HTML experience to build the first Me Luna® webshop. Two women from the field of media design and graphic design brought in their creativity and designed the logo and the first Me Luna® Flyer. Incidentally, the dancing Me Luna® woman in the moon is one of those two. She photographed herself dancing and then used this silhouette for the Me Luna® Moon Woman.

Frank Krüger was recruited to oversee the technical management and development and used his know-how to create a menstrual cup with different handles and in several sizes. This was the start of a new menstrual cup with in-house production in Germany, and the company had already received some initial orders before it produced the first Me Luna® cup.


Our production has grown significantly over the last few years, but Me Luna® still remains a small and manageable company. It currently employs 14 people in the areas of production, shipping, customer support, sales and administration.