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Question about my order, payment, delivery

  • You have a question about your order status?
  • You do not know whether your payment with PayPal worked?

Questions about products

  • You have a general question about our products?
  • Need more information or instructions about our products?


Me Luna Advisory ServiceProtected area

  • You want to buy a Me Luna® menstrual cup and you do not know the correct size?
  • For a free confidential advice please register an account.


Me Luna® Retailer Inquiries

  • You want to sell Me Luna® menstrual cups as a retailer?
  • You plan to set up a web page on the topic of alternative menstrual hygiene?


Request of Me Luna® samples

  • You want to show Me Luna® menstrual cups in a practice?
  • You want to to present Me Luna® menstrual cups in the classroom?


Me Luna® Review Requests

  • You have a blog that fits thematically to Me Luna® cups?
  • You publish a text on the topic of alternative menstrual hygiene and need images?