Me Luna® Intensive Cleaner

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Preventing stubborn discoloration of the menstrual cup with an occasional deep cleaning.

We have two possible causes of discoloration that may occur when using a menstrual cup:

  • Discolouration by the menstrual fluid is caused by the application. It can lead to a mostly uneven, stained discoloration by the red blood dye hemoglobin, which can be removed only with difficulty or not at all.
  • A slight yellowing by light and air can be observed in all colorless menstrual cups. The cups will darken a bit. In the colored menstrual cups this effect generally occurs hardly.

The problem that a menstrual cup can become discolored by the unavoidable blood contact can not be completely avoided. Our extensive tests have shown that you can achieve very good cleaning results on the Me Luna® menstrual cup with the good old household "natron" sodium carbonate or sodium hydrogencarbonate (also baking soda).

Recommended use

Please dose 1/2 tsp to 100ml of warm water. Leave the Me Luna® cup in the cleaning bath for 2 to 4 hours. After that rinse the menstrual cup thoroughly with water! 


Soda = sodium carbonate (150g)


THIS CLEANER IS NOT PROVIDED FOR DAILY OR PERMANENT USE! Please clean the Me Luna® cup during and after the menstrual cycle as described in the instructions.

  • Store in a cool, dry place in closed container.
  • Please handle carefully with soda and wear rubber gloves if necessary as the solution degreases the skin.
  • Do not breathe the dust. Sodastic dust irritates eyes and respiratory tract.


Here we have an example of extreme coloration by use:



    Figure 1 shows the original color of a Me Luna® cup gold-glittery.


    Figure 2 shows the color after a few months of use. Probably it was not always immediately and thoroughly washed after use.


    Figure 3 shows the color after a one-time intensive cleaning.


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