Pelvic floor training aids Phase I

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This set of Pelvic Floor Training Aids comprises four tampon-shaped cones that differ in colour and weight: 20g, 28g, 52g, 71g.

When does it make sense to use ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I Aktiv?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that, like all other muscle groups, may be trained using physical exercises. Training with vaginal cones may prevent excessive vaginal prolapses (weakening of the muscles of the pelvic floor). In case you are already suffering from discomforts, physical exercises may help to improve your physical state or to completely cure these symptoms.
During pregnancy, physical exercises with ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I may reinforce the pelvic floor and, therefore, prevent any feelings of discomfort. After birth, systematic exercises may help the muscles of the pelvic floor regenerating faster.
Particularly after pregnancy and giving birth, many women do not get a feel for their pelvic floor’s muscles. ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I may help you to become aware of your pelvic floor so that you are able to train it actively. Even if gymnastics-based exercises of the pelvic floor did fail as you are not aware of the pelvic floor’ muscles, exercises with the Training Aids may have beneficial effects. Therefore, ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I should be used with the following situations:

  • during pregnancy and subsequent to confinement in order to prevent weakness of the pelvic floor and to promote regeneration
  • for the alleviation, remedy and prevention of atony of the bladder (caused by incontinence brought about by exertion or stress) among women (particularly during the change of life or menopause)
  • for providing improvement in the event of a prolapse of the uterus (Descensus uteri) and other pelvic organs

How do ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I work?

Exercising with ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids – Phase I helps us become aware of our pelvic floor and helps train the muscles of the pelvic floor. If a cone is inserted into the vagina, it tends to slip out again. It is then prevented from slipping out by repeated muscular reflexes (biofeedback phenomenon) and, throughout the course of exercising, by increasingly conscious muscular contractions. Drawing together and tensing the muscles of the pelvic floor trains and strengthens these muscles, similar to body building with weights. Exercising may thus at first give rise to sensations of pain in the pelvic area (muscular soreness). At the same time, however, awareness of the pelvic floor will be improved.

The ELANEE Pelvic Floor Training Aids - Phase I and ELANEE pH test are certified medical products.

Set of 4 cones
Weight: 20g, 28g, 52g, 71g
Length: 47mm, Ø 20 mm

Made in Germany


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