bambuswald® Makeup Pads pink

Product no.: U-4518

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These make-up removal pads are washable!

That's why you only need 6 pieces for your weekly cosmetic routine. The set comes with a laundry net, in which you can store the cleaning pads and wash them at 60 ° C. The high-quality processed cosmetic pads made of 50% bamboo and 50% cotton remove impurities, dirt and make-up in an impressively simple way.

Scope of delivery: 6x make-up removal pads made of 50% viscose made of bamboo and 50% cotton. 1 100% cotton laundry net.
Dimensions: diameter = 8cm

  • Reusable, washable, very kind to the skin
  • The Zero Waste solution for facial cleansing, skin care and make-up removal
  • Moisten with lukewarm water or various care products for convincing results
  • When removing nail polish, residues of lacquer can remain after washing

No more wasteful facial cleansing!

Have you ever counted how many cotton pads you use and throw away each week? Disposable cotton pads are not environmentally harmful per se, but they generate a lot of unnecessary waste.

That is why our bamboo cleaning pads are reusable - you can store them in the eco bag provided and, if they are lightly soiled, rinse them briefly under the tap. Otherwise, just put them in the washing machine along with towels and kitchen towels. The care pads are washable at 60 degrees and also suitable for the dryer.

What are the benefits of reusable make-up pads?

The ecologically sustainable make-up removal pads from Bambuswald clean thoroughly with 0% waste. They are the best remedy for make-up and impurities, because they clean your skin naturally.

Use the two-layer cosmetic pads for morning and evening facial cleansing (e.g. in connection with a clarifying facial toner), for general skin care and for removing make-up. This is usually sufficient lukewarm water; For waterproof makeup, you should use the cleaning pads in conjunction with a suitable makeup remover or make-up removal oil.

The cosmetic pads are pleasantly soft and compatible with all skin types. They are guaranteed to be lint-free and can absorb a lot of moisture and dirt, so that facial cleaning is effortless.

Environmental protection in your daily routine in the bathroom

The make-up removal pads consist of 50% viscose made of bamboo and 50% cotton. Our bamboo material comes from China. The robust grass places the lowest demands on nature and does not need additional irrigation. That is why bamboo is more sustainable than cotton.