Olive wood bowl, round, 6 cm

Product no.: U-4569

The product can be ordered here: www.me-luna.com

Unique bowl made of natural olive wood.

For versatile use in the bathroom or kitchen, at the workplace or as a decorative object in the living room.

Suitable for storing small utensils, e.g. b. for natural sponge, paper clips, jewelry and much more. Non-toxic and also suitable for food (nuts, chocolate, candy, etc.)

Dimensions: Diameter approx. 6 cm, height approx. 2 cm


  • Each piece is unique
  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Free of toxins


The product images of the olive wood products are exemplary. Each product is characterized by the grain and individual growth of the wood and is therefore unique. Minor cracks, for example caused by temperature fluctuations or adhesions in olive wood, can occur naturally and often make up the distinctive character of olive wood. Small hairline cracks are not critical and do not restrict the daily use of the article.


Care instructions

Please avoid strong temperature fluctuations. Bowls or boards made of olive wood should not be placed in the fridge with food. The olive wood does not tolerate the difference in temperature very well and could crack in the worst case.

Please do not clean in the dishwasher! The heat and the water pressure would wash out the oils in the wood and this could lead to cracks. The wood also looks matt and very unsightly afterwards. If it does happen, make sure you oil it equally well.

From time to time - depending on the frequency of use - you put a few drops of cooking oil to a kitchen towel or directly onto the product and lubricate it. The oiling is a very important protection against drying out of the wood and also brings out the unique grain beautifully again. The best way to oil the wood is linseed oil or nut oil (walnut oil). These oils dry quickly and offer better protection for the wood than olive oil, which does not dry completely.


Olive wood

Olive wood products are usually made from wood from olive trees that are older (usually several hundred years) and therefore no longer yield a return. Due to the long and slow growth, the olive wood is particularly hard. This makes the olive wood very cut-resistant and heat-tolerant. However, the main reason to buy olive wood is certainly the very beautiful amber-colored appearance in different yellow tones and above all the impressive individual grain.