Me Luna, SOFT, Yellow, Ball, Size XL

Product no.: YC-7504-0020

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Dimensions Size XL: greatest diameter 47mm, length 56mm without grip.

Capacity Size XL: 42ml to the brim, 30ml to the holes. The milliliter specification refers to the total capacity. A menstrual cup is not vertical in the woman's body but more or less oblique. During your period the cervix may protrudes a bit into the menstrual cup. Therefore, you may not be able to use the entire capacity, but it should serves as a reference to other menstrual cups.

Included in delivery: 1 Me Luna® Menstrual Cup, 1 Storage Bag, User manual.


Size XL is commonly used

  • by more mature women, over 30 years of age
  • by women who only use large tampons
  • by women who have heavy periods
  • by women who have had children
  • by women who use large tampons and still have to change them frequently
  • by women with weak pelvic floor muscles

Size XL is rarely used

  • by very young women
  • by women who have not had children
  • by women who only use small and regular tampons
  • by women with light to medium periods

Size XL may fit poorly

  • if you are still a virgin
  • if your cervix lies very low during menstruation
  • if you only use small tampons
  • if you have a prolapsed uterus

You can find more information about the required size on this page: Find your Me Luna® size


Select your grip

The small ball, the practical ring, the secure stem or the Basic model with no grip.

Information about Me Luna® Basic: Very few women can use a menstrual cup without a grip. The Basic Me Luna® model is only produced in a few colours.

How can I order the Me Luna® Basic (without grip)?

  • From the models available, select the Me Luna® cup you want with a stem.
  • Add the Me Luna® with a stem to the shopping basket and proceed to checkout.
  • You will see a message box at the end of the ordering process.
  • Please write BASIC in here. We will then remove the stem from your Me Luna®.

Tip: you can also shorten the stem of Me Luna® menstrual cups yourself, or cut it off altogether. Make sure you use a good pair of scissors and cut it to the length you require. Please be careful not to damage the cup itself.


Additional product information

Softness Soft
Me Luna Size XL
Color Yellow SOFT
Style Ball