Find your Me Luna® size


Every character is different, so are our cups.

Me Luna® menstrual cups come in eight different sizes, tailored to the different needs of our customers.


It's not easy to judge your own cup size before using a Me Luna® cup for the first time. Every human is built differently, that's why it is difficult to make a general statement about the perfectly fitting menstrual cup.

For this reason, we have compiled a summary table with the help of experienced Me Luna users. This table is for menstruators without any anatomical abnormalities.

It should be noted that this is only a decision-making aid, not a consultation or recommendation.


Use the Me Luna® Size Configurator:

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The dimensions of the Me Luna® menstrual cups:




Who should seek personal advice before buying?

If you already use a menstrual cup from other manufacturers and now want to switch to Me Luna®, please orient yourself when buying new to the dimensions of the existing cup.
If you have not coped well with the previous cup, let us advise you by our experienced team.
Or if you have problems using tampons and therefore never use tampons or need to take a tampon size that can not be matched by your menstrual bleeding (tampon slips, generally does not seal, or causes pressure sensation), please seek advice before you buy.