About folding a cup


You will find the most comfortable position of your Me Luna® menstrual cup over time.

Some women prefer to position it very close to their cervix, others prefer to place the cup closer to the vaginal entrance.

Me Luna® menstrual cups should not be inserted too shallow or close to the vaginal entrance because this could cause discomfort when sitting down.


To prevent leakage, after the insertion check whether the menstrual cup has "popped open" correctly. You can do this by turning the cup, or by running a finger around the cup's rim.

To insert a menstrual cup, it must be folded. After insertion it unfolds inside the vagina.

There are many variations of folds, and you will find the one most comfortable for you. Here are three common folds as examples, but there are many more.



Here you can see the folding techniques:



The most common fold. Press the Me Luna® flat, and then fold the two sides together in a C shape.



Suitable for large sizes, as Me Luna® L and XL. Press the Me Luna® cup flat and fold the edge in a zigzag, like an S.


Punch down fold

A folding technique that's a bit more sophisticated.
Press the edge of Me Luna® down into the cup with your finger, and fold the sides around it. The major advantage of this method is that it retains a lot of air inside the Me Luna®, and helps it to "pop open" after insertion.