What is Me Luna?

Me Luna® is where good ideas become sustainable products.

Since 2009 we are developing menstrual cups considering the different needs of our customers worldwide. Therefore Me Luna® cups are available in eight sizes, with four handle options, in various degrees of softness and in great colors. And this is one reason why Me Luna® cups are so popular.


development & diversity

Me Luna® is where nothing is left to chance.

The production of Me Luna® menstrual cups take place in our house and are subject to our exacting quality assurance requirements. We are producing here in Germany. All processes take place under own management and under one roof. After packaging, we ship the Me Luna® cups directly to our partners and our customers worldwide.


Quality & safety

Me Luna® is where expertise comes from experience and sharing.

In collaboration with our customers we develop a basis for advice. Our experiences are evaluated and made available to you. Our advisory team provides competent support in the selection and in all questions about the use.


Experience & competence